A very short story written by me

I wrote this story some time back for a competition which required people to write a very short story, i.e.  in just 250 words. So I came up with this but it’s a true story. I actually met the girl while on an assignment in Point Pedro. As for the competition, I think it got shelved.


Jacinta lives in Point Pedro in the northern most part of Sri Lanka.  And she speaks Sinhalese well, a rare feature in a predominantly Tamil speaking area.  When I met her I asked her “How come you speak Sinhalese.” Her mother is a Sinhalese, she told me, and so she’s learnt the language from her.  Her family has resided in Point Pedro since her parents married nearly 25 years ago.

 I asked her how her parents met. She said they met when her father had come to Colombo to find work.  Her father had lied to her mother about his race. He spoke good Sinhalese so he told her he was a Sinhalese.  He even changed his name from Sekeram to Stanley to get her to believe his story. She did and they got married. When she went to his home, everyone there spoke in Tamil. She then confronted him and he revealed the truth.  Jacinta laughs aloud when telling me the story.” You should see them when they fight. My mother still tells him, “You tricked me into marrying you by lying about being Sinhalese.”

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