Colombo’s second hand book shops

The row of second hand books located on D.R.Wijewardena Mawatha in  Colombo have been, for many years,  a big  draw for  those of us who love books and are on the lookout for a good bargain.

Recently I paid a visit there after many months.  The initial plan was to quickly sift through what is available and make a hasty exit but I ended up spending a considerable period of time there talking to the shop owners and browsing. Here are some scenes from that day.

The photos are all courtesy my colleague Saman.K.

Peter Appuhamay who has been running the shop for over 40 years

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8 thoughts on “Colombo’s second hand book shops”

  1. Which one are you? The youngish girl or the slightly older one?
    Anyway, since I returned to Sri Lanka I haven’t been there to the second-hand book places. Must visit soon.

  2. i love seeing huge stacks of books!living in srilanka its a shame i’ve never been to one..but i really have this urge to just go to one soon!have you been to any other second hand book shops? 🙂

      1. well aren’t i lucky that i came across this article! 🙂 i hope to go to one soon,pretty excited 😀

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