Six Things You May or May Not Know About Me

After having read a blog in which the writer had compiled a list of Ten Interesting Things about himself, I was inspired to try my hand at a similar exercise. Coincidentally that blogger ( and I have some things in common so in a few instances I have used a similar format to fill in with what applies to me. For  now,  I ve only managed to come up with six things you may or may not know about me. I can complete the list later but for now, here goes.

I don’t have a college degree

I started working as a trainee reporter soon after my schooling and got hooked onto my work and hence further studies took a back seat. At that age I had little appreciation for the merits of earning a degree and despite my father taking the trouble to enroll me for a university course I neglected to follow it. Many years down the line I regret I did not follow his advice but at least now I have realized the importance of pursuing one’s education beyond schooling. This is why I keep drumming into the heads of my two sons that they have to finish with their university   education however appealing the prospect of gaining employment and earning at a young age is. As for me all is not lost. I’ve managed to complete a Post-Graduate Diploma recently having qualified to follow it due to my many years of work experience.  Thus I have also qualified to do a Master’s degree.  Father is no more but I am sure what little I have achieved will make him very proud.  By the way my graduation is next Tuesday (July 31, 2012).  I’ll finally get a wear a cloak and snap a photograph in it. PhD next? I don’t think so. Masters will do.

I am obsessed with books

I can’t recollect exactly how I caught the reading bug but what I remember is that from a very young age, I would curl up some place with a book in hand. It started with fairy tales, and then moved onto Enid Blyton’s and such similar books. Then for a short period of being engrossed in Mills & Boons romances, I moved onto reading Sydney Sheldon and Harold Robbins. (It was a time when books like “The Other Side of Midnight” and “The Carpetbaggers “were the closest one could get to reading an erotic novel.) My reading   repertoire has expanded a great deal between then and now. I cannot say I like a particular genre of books because I read fiction, nonfiction, classics and modern stories, short stories and even poems. I guess I can call myself a mature reader and one thing I do now , which I did not do before  , is , I  attach a lot of interest to the authors and try to learn about them as much as possible. I also try to read books by authors from all over the world so I can learn about different people and their ways. Right now I have books pretty much strew in all kinds of places in the house. What I aim to do one day is build a reading room cum library and open it up to other book lovers as well. It’s going to be a cozy “no fuss ‘place where people can come and read and also discuss books. Fingers crossed for this one.

I am a Maggie noodles mom

Why do I call myself a Maggie Noodles Mom? When my younger son was around 8 (I think) someone asked him what his mom cooks for him to which he replied, “My mother only knows how to make Maggie noodles.”Of course his reply ruined my reputation as a mother, who, instead of putting nutritious and wholesome food on the table for her children, was feeding them instant food. The truth is I cook very little. Thankfully the children have two grandmothers nearby who feed them well, not with instant food, but good home cooked food. I had dreamt of having the perfect family dinners before I got married and had kids but now I find it next to impossible to get the four of us around a dinner table.

 I have a tattoo

 Not many people know I have a tattoo on my back, just below  my left shoulder-blade,  I got it done few years ago, I am not sure why. I think it was mid-life crisis time and an example of another of the crazy impulsive things I do from time to time. The tattoo is supposed to depict that the “pen is mightier than the sword “and being a journalist, I still   hold onto such idealistic views, well knowing it’s not swords that we have to deal with these day but automatic guns. There isn’t much power a pen can yield next to an AK- 47. The pen too has lost its might to a great extent with the advent of the keyboard .Anyway there are times I wish I hadn’t got myself inked but the tattoo I here to stay so I rarely think about it. Out of sight is out of mind, in this case.

I love stationary

 Other than book shops, another place I can spend a lot of time in are stationary shops. I love to see all the coloured pencils, note books, erasers, pencil boxes and all kinds of knick knacks that are stored in these shops. Which also means I end up buying a lot of stationary which I don’t always need. I ve bought all kinds of notebooks because they have such pretty covers but I rarely write on them. The same goes for pens and pencils but most times when I am in a hurry and want a pencil or pen, I can’t find one.

 I lost my wedding ring

A few years ago, a burglar broke into our house while we slept and took away among other things my wedding ring which was lying on a table. I was rather upset about it at that time but while the ring has a lot of sentimental value, wearing a wedding band is just symbolic and does not necessarily mean everything is honky dory in a marriage.  (That’s the older, wiser me saying it. I was rather obsessed with the ring when it was shiny and new and was thrilled when people noticed I had a wedding band.). Anyway I got myself   another similar ring but I hardly wear it these days. This is in sharp contrast to my better half who doesn’t leave home without his wedding ring.


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One thought on “Six Things You May or May Not Know About Me”

  1. Without being too patronising or too critical:
    Some of the stuff here is rather typical of women of a certain age! I think the last bit sums it up. I hope that you realise that you are, and always were, a Daddy’s Little Girl and you are now heading for a divorce!
    ps Get this stuff on the Sunday Times! There is too much rubbish in your newspaper!

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