July 31, a good day………

July 31st was a memorable day for me and my family for several reasons.

Firstly it was our older son Bhanuka‘s last day in school. We dropped him off at school to collect his admission card for his Advanced Level examination which starts on Monday. The day had come for him to bid farewell to his teachers and friends he’s been together with since he entered school (Royal College-Colombo)  one morning way back in January 1999. The teary eyed boy who stood at the school gate that day has , so soon,  grown up into a confident young man. No one is exaggerating when they say time flies because it really does. Children grow up, parents grow old and grandparents pass away. The circle of life continues.

July 31 was special for two other reasons as well.  I finally got my Post Graduate Diploma (In Conflict & Peace Studies) from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo.It was a long, tedious & formal function but was a  fulfilling event for me.

And the same evening I also won as award at the Journalism Awards of Excellence which was the icing on the cake, sort of, to wind up the day.  So all in all, July 31st turned out to be a hectic but memorable day.

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