SEX-ing up the News. Desperate times call for desperate measures……..

Two of the world’s most read news magazines seem to be trying to outdo each other on who comes up with the most controversial cover page.  And what they’ ve done is find the easiest way to do, i.e.,  by sexing up much mundane activities such as breast-feeding and eating. In turn they have kicked up enough discussion and debate to make those who would not usually give a hoot about these magazines to  get themselves a copy.

Can you blame the editors of  Time and Newsweek for taking this line?  I think not. They are doing what they have to do to survive in the harsh world that the print media has been thrust into with the advent, or should I say, the eruption of new media. Print media has to keep innovating itself to tempt people enough to want to pick up a magazine or newspaper and read it or even want to browse their web editions.

I am a diehard fan of the paper version of the magazines which I read from cover to cover when I lay my  hands on them. But the frequency of my buying  a copy of either magazine is becoming less,  unless  it happens to be controversial in nature  like the two I have featured in my Blog Post of today.Link below to article on Ten Most Controversial magazine covers.


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