A room of my own – I long for one…………

“All I could do was to offer you an opinion upon one minor point — a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” So said Virginia Woolf,   novelist, feminist, modernist ………, in all her wisdom and foresight.

And I tend to agree wholeheartedly with her on the part of a woman needing “a room of her own”. It is the one thing I want desperately and the one thing I don’t have.

Looking back I  realise I have never had a room of my own. Coming from a family with four other siblings, it’s always been a matter of sharing a room with one of them or sometimes with two of them. Adding to the “no room of my own saga,’ has been the fact that we’ve changed houses a record number of times,  at least eight different houses  before I got married and since then three houses. But in all, I haven’t had a room of my own. Most of my childhood years, I shared a room with one or two of my sisters and even as adults it was pretty much the same. Since marriage its meant sharing a room with the better half and sometimes with one or both the children.

Since striding into my 40s the urge for a room of my own has grown.  I am becoming less tolerant of all the disturbances that I have to put up by sharing a room. And living with three men (husband and two sons), who have no idea why women need privacy when men can pretty much do all what they want in full glare , I think I really need a “room of my own.”As to how I am going to get one is still not clear but I‘ll have to start working on it.

Virginia Woolf. You were so right. A room of our own, our own heaven, to do as we please, to keep all our feminine items strewn all over, to dream and  read in peace. What more would a woman want??

There is one thing. A  “bathroom of my own”.That would make things perfect.

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