An ode to a pet……………

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

Mark Twain 

I cannot remember exactly how we came to adopt Siriya as our pet dog but what I remember is that she was a stray animal who used to wonder around   in our neighborhood before she became a regular visitor to our home. That was eight or nine years ago.  She was the neighborhood dog of sorts and almost everyone around knew her but for several years she had been spending most of her time in our home.

She died on Wednesday morning, in her own quiet and dignified manner. When I got up this morning and opened the front door, she was no longer sleeping there on the floor of the garage, wagging her tail on hearing the click of the door lock.

My sons   started calling her Siriyawathie, later shortened to Siriya and she fully deserved the name. She was a smiling dog and was of the most loving sort. She was also a no fuss animal and not an attention seeker. She would sit around quietly, have her meals when hungry and pretty much hang around till one of us took the time to stroke her head and spend some time with her. The one thing she hated was water and bathing her was no easy task. When she sensed   it was bath time, she’d run away and come back much later.
She had her fair share of visits to the doctor  and she loved the short car ride to the animal clinic. We just had to open the car door and she would jump right in and make herself comfortable.

She had been breathing heavily for a couple of days and despite a visit to the doctor, she did not recover. I went to check on her shortly before she died. She was seated and breathing heavily and looked at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen and I just knew that she knew then it would all be over for her soon.

 Siriya getting bullied by Falco. Her last photo taken on June 16
Siriya getting bullied by Falco. Her last photo taken on June 16

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