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John Lennon would have been 73 years had he lived till October 9, 2013. But he was shot dead on a New York street in December 1980 for no apparent reason.  It makes me wonder what it is about men of peace that evokes the wrath of a fellow being to want to kill them? Who would want to still the voice of a man who sang and wrote beautiful songs and advocated passionately the cause of world peace?screen-shot-2011-05-05-at-4-57-35-pm

While some of the methods adopted by Lennon to send out the message of peace such as the famous/infamous Bed-in for Peace he staged with his wife Yoko Ono   in 1969 had mixed recreation,  no one questions the power of his music. His song Imagine has come to epitomize the universal message of peace that millions of people worldwide subscribe to.

Some of the thoughts that John Lennon expressed in an interview he gave in London on May 8th 1969 to a BBC Radio-One program called ‘Scene and Heard’,   gives  an insight into what kind of man he  was and are thought-provoking. Here are some extracts: –

Interviewer:  A lot of people also feel that if everyone goes to bed and stays in bed for a week or a few days for peace, as a protest for peace, the whole country will come to a standstill.”

JOHN:        “Well, wouldn’t it be better than producing arms and bombs. Imagine if the American army stayed in bed for a week and the Vietnamese army. Or Nixon… and Chairman Mao. Imagine if the whole world stayed in bed. There’d be peace for a week and they might get to feel what it was like. The tension would be released.”

 Interviewer:        “If there was enough trouble and there was obviously going to be a war and you were asked to fight, John. Would you fight for your country?”

 JOHN:        “I wouldn’t attack, no. I’d defend myself, probably, in a situation. But I wouldn’t attack. I’m a pacifist, you know.”

 Interviewer:        “What do you want out of life most of all now, John?”

 JOHN:        “Peace, you know. Really that’s all I want.”

 Interviewer:        “If anything happened to you, how would you like people to remember you?”

 JOHN:        “As the great peaceniks.” 


 Interviewer:        “You said you don’t believe in hitting a child.”

JOHN:        “I don’t believe in hitting him to correct him. I don’t believe in corporal punishment as the answer. I can understand people think it’s the only way to deal with them ‘cuz I understand those people. I don’t think they’re right, because it doesn’t help murderers to hang them or help violent people to be violent to them. It is all they understand but… Violence begets violence, you know. And you can’t kill off all the violent people or all the murderers. We’d have to kill off the government.”

Interviewer:        “Do you take everything you do seriously?”

JOHN:        “Seriously with a pinch of salt. You know, I don’t take it too seriously because I think that’s the trouble with Art quotes, Music quotes, the Peace Movement quotes and the World quotes, you know. So I take everything with a pinch of salt. But I take life seriously, you know. The serious job of being happy.”hqdefault

Interviewer: “Do you really feel you are God?”

JOHN:        “We’re all God, you know. I mean, Christ said, the kingdom of heaven is within you. And that’s what it means, you know. And the Indians say that and the Zen people say that. It’s a basic thing of religion. We’re all God. I’m not a God or the God, not the God. But we’re all God and we’re all potentially divine and potentially evil. We all have everything within us. And the kingdom of heaven is nigh and within us, you know. And if you look hard enough you see it.”


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